Quando Volo

Role: Animator

Direction: Mabelle Sawan

Client: ENO

Software: TV Paint



A colourful tree filled with birds is at the centre of a cold city, Bohemia.


Each branch is occupied by different birds which represent the characters from the opera.  The main focus, however,

is Musetta and Marcello, who from different branches are singing to eachother. When we come closer to one or the other,

the whole scene morphs into a dream sequence of what the character in the story desires;


lust vs love.


Directed by Mabelle Sawan

Music from Puccini’s La Boheme performed by English National Opera

Animation by Mabelle Sawan, Elpida Fousteri, Jessica Galvin

Assistant Animation by Nili Bhavsar, Daisy Ann Evans, Mei Lian Hoe, Karine Sawan

Compositing by Rawad Raidi