Fruit Spa

Role: Story Artist, Animator, Clean and Colour

Direction: Marie Geert

Software: TV Paint


Short film created under the theme “Blend” for Quick draw challenge 2022 of Cardiff Animation festival.

Story by Marie Geert

Storyboarding by Elpida Fousteri, Marie Geert, Nicholas Costelloe

Character Design by Bingqi Liu, Filipa Castro

Background design by Vicky Lee, Weronika Zgoralska

Animation/Clean up/Colour by Bingqi Liu, Elpida Fousteri, Filipa Castro, Marie Geert, Nicholas Costelloe, Vicky Lee, Weronika Zgoralska

Sound effects by Bingqi Liu, Vicky Lee

Music by Vicky Lee

Compositing by Weronika Zgoralska