Fruit Spa


ROLE: Story Artist, Animator, Clean and Colour


CLIENT: Created for the Quick draw challenge 2022 of Cardiff Animation festival. The theme was “Blend”.

DIRECTOR: Marie Geert

STORY: Marie Geert

STORYBOARD: Elpida Fousteri, Marie Geert, Nicholas Costelloe

CHARACTER DESIGN: Bingqi Liu, Filipa Castro

BACKGROUND DESIGN: Vicky Lee, Weronika Zgoralska

ANIMATION,CLEAN UP,COLOUR: Bingqi Liu, Elpida Fousteri, Filipa Castro, Marie Geert, Nicholas Costelloe, Vicky Lee, Weronika Zgoralska

SOUND EFFECTS: Bingqi Liu, Vicky Lee

MUSIC: Vicky Lee

COMPOSIRING: Weronika Zgoralska